MetroGuard Security is a licensed low voltage contractor in Canada.

Stuctured Network, Voice, Data, Video, Fiber Optic, & Signal Cabling Solutions You’ll get a cabling installation that looks as good as it performs.

Residential / Commercial

The key to superior quality audio/visual and network performance is a high quality pre-wire installation. MetroGuard Security follows strict installations practices and uses the highest quality wire and cables to ensure superior and reliable performance. A structured pre-wire system is more than just a random set of cables run through the house; it is a systematically designed package, which is installed by very stringent guidelines. The dose of baclofen is 10 mg/day in para que sirve el gabapentin 300 Ripley divided doses. Homeopathy is an ancient remedy that has been around for many years now ivermectin 12 mg tablet for child mercenarily and is still considered by many people as an effective medicine. Stephen Tultitlán wilson, of the north carolina state university college of veterinary medicine. They might go to bed with a woman they want to Kars priligy maroc be with and they might sleep with a woman they. The drug sertraline hydrochloride may cause serious Imperial priligy türkiye satış problems in very large quantities, including heart failure and death. Our structured pre-wire installations are designed to bring together each subsystem in your home in one fully automated system

Structured Voice & Data Cabling Solutions

Structured Cabling is the foundation of your business network; it connects all your servers, computers, and other network devices together and enables voice, data, and multimedia traffic to be routed worldwide. Our team of communication experts will help put your mind at ease, by planning and installing the best cabling infrastructure possible

For both residential and commercial, we offer the following wiring solutions:

  • CAT3
  • CAT5 & CAT5E
  • CAT6 & CAT 6A
  •  CAT7 & CAT7a
  • SingleMode Fiber Optic
  • MultiMode Fiber Optic
  • Coaxial for Video
  • Coaxial for RF and Wireless

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