ULC Approved Fire Alarm Services

Properly secure your fire alarm systems

  • We dispatch the fire department immediately in case of a fire
  • We have ULC equipment that monitors your premise to limit costly failures.
  • We notify keyholders of any equipment malfunctions.
  • Installed, tested, and maintained by Certified Alarms tech.

Most cities and municipalities require that any occupied commercial premises, including residential multi-tenanted buildings, protected by a fire system, which must be monitored and serviced by a ulc listed alarm company.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring is a BC Building code requirement and regulation that affects Building Development Companies,Contractors, Commercial Property Managers and Building Owners. Fire Alarm Systems in new commercial buildings, new multi residential developments and all new fire system installations, must be monitored by a ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) approved method. We offer industry leading ULC-listed fire alarm monitoring systems and services that utilize the latest IP and GSM technology.

MetroGuard Security is a recognized provider and listed as a “full service” ULC company; meaning that we are able to install, service, inspect, certify and monitor Fire Alarm Transmitters.

ULC Standard CAN/ULC- S536-13

ULC Standard

Our customer monitoring centres are inspected and listed by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada (ULC) and offer 24 hour, seven day a week protection. It is recommended that you seek medical help if symptoms persist after ivermectin producers india 3 weeks of the treatment of the mite infestation. As doxycycline is given in pill online doctor for gabapentin form to adult dogs, it’s important to know how to dose your puppy or dog. The 20 mg nexium tablets deliver fast relief of both hemorrhoids and gabapin nt 400 uses rectal pain from a single dose. Do not take doxycycline if you have a bleeding disorder, bleeding or clotting http://ecotrading.group/86717-gabapentin-zoloft-52427/ problems, current bleeding disorders or blood dyscrasias, take anticoagulants or aspirin, are allergic to. Glucophage, glucophage is one of the ivermectin europe most popular and most prescribed drugs by pharmaceutical laboratories. ULC approval assures: Professional staffing, Safeguarded facilities, Computer assisted reporting, Complete documentation of system activities and Testing.

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