Our world has changed, and responsible corporate managers know that video cameras help improve security by thwarting crime and preventing loss. Light, Visibility, Camera Placement, Fluidness, Focus and Retention of Video are what make or break an installation. A video stream that is grainy, choppy, and just plain indecipherable does you and law enforcement no good when trying to dissect and analyse an incident

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  • HD Video Surveillance
  • Digital Video Surveillance – DVR
  • IP Surveillance – Network Video Recorder – NVR
  • Storage

Loss Prevention

In these trying economic times the number of property related thefts has skyrocketed. Taking a proactive approach to loss prevention can yield serious results. The theft deterrence and asset protection benefits of a quality video surveillance system are quickly visible and offer fast ROI for today’s cost conscious budgets

Protect Employees, Tenants, and Guests, and Increase Productivity

Whether you own a large hotel, restaurant, gas station or a huge factory, your employees, customers and guests will feel safer knowing they have a video surveillance system that will enable them to see what is happening both internally and externally. Safety and comfort usually translates into greater productivity

An eye in the sky

Keeping a watchful eye on daily operations can give you unbelievable insight to what is going on at your business location. In high traffic locations simple modifications to the floor plan can help alleviate foot traffic and give you the business critical insight to exactly where you can get the best coverage for your next promotional display or featured product


A MetroGuard Security designed surveillance system offers unparalleled flexibility and integration with your existing systems. Monitor every transaction from your POS system or Kiosk. Send key events to your alarm panel, log every license plate that enters or exits your parking structure, or even count the number of visitors coming in and out of the premises

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